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    Shine Bright

    Like a Rickshaw bag! I have been using the Rickshaw Bags Reflective Tweed Sutro Backpack (this photo was taken in broad daylight with a small...

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    SF Sprints | Reg is Open

    This is gonna be a good event, I’m looking forward to seeing Ukiah in organizer mode! Reg is now open!

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    The Alpha Crit

    Get some!

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    Review | Diablo Wind Vest | Cadence

    A good vest is hard to find and I found one in Cadence’s Diablo Wind Vest. Not only does it work for those fully kitted...

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    Poo Fixed

    In order to get ready and prepare better for upcoming events, a few of us have come to the conclusion that the Bay Area is...

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    So much fuel for the stoke.

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    Blackburn | Local Cooler Saddlebag Pannier

    Just in time for summer, Blackburn releases the Local Cooler Saddlebag Pannier. Perfect for those summer time bbq’s. picnics, beer runs to lake, grocery getting, etc....

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    OCBrakeless | OC Bang!

    These are great stickers from OCBrakeless, go and  swoop! Inspired by the tastiest of beverages. Sticker will fit anywhere you want it with its small...

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    Bike Porn

    Hold Fast | CONGO

    Who said FGFS is dead? Super stoked for my dude Congo and his new signature strap from Hold Fast! Nice design by Gus as well!...

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    SF Sprints | Kit Pre-order

    Ukiah has a pretty rad SF Sprints kit up for pre-order and by kit, I mean everything you need. Jersey, bib, arm/ leg warmers, cap,...