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    Bike Porn

    Predator Cycling | DIY Carbon Repair Kit

    Have some lightly damaged carbon in your life and don’t want to spend the dough to get it fixed by a carbon repair shop? Well,...

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    Heavy Pedal | Arm Screens

    HP released a ton of arm screens this morning. Now you can protect yourself from the sun and match all your favorite Heavy Pedal Kits....

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    Camac | C-62M

    I stumbled upon Camac Bags last week on Instagram and became quite intrigued with these bags coming out of Japan. Anyone have any experience with them or...

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    See You

    Next week!  I can’t wait to ride and race in Los Angeles next weekend!

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    I can’t wait to see these fine folks and hear about what they have been doing and by the looks of things, it’s been big...

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    Chrome | Woven Work Shirt

    This Woven Work Shirt from Chrome looks pretty jammin! Sweet edit to boot!   We made our first ever Woven work shirts for everyday wear...

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    Is forever. I got some film back and to my surprise was a “Cutty” CX race from last year (I think) that AWAB hosted. It...

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    Shine Bright

    Like a Rickshaw bag! I have been using the Rickshaw Bags Reflective Tweed Sutro Backpack (this photo was taken in broad daylight with a small...

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    SF Sprints | Reg is Open

    This is gonna be a good event, I’m looking forward to seeing Ukiah in organizer mode! Reg is now open!