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    CHC Turns 2 Alleycat x I’m Leaving

    Chicken Hawk Courier turns two this year (Congrats guys), so they are throwing a Alleycat at Bicycle Coffee LA this Friday! I’m also leaving LA the next...

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    MoreTrackBike | Reflective Pocket Tee

    These are gonna go fast, don’t sleep. More

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    Chrome Industries | New New

    Chrome has some new goodies for ya’ll. They updated their De Haro Wind Jacket (changed the venting, yay!), got some new socks, 5 panel hat, updated...

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    Bike Porn

    New Chainring Day

    This 47t 44rn chainring made for my morning commute to be fun as hell. I now see the light of all those folks who rock...

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    Bike Porn

    Heavy Pedal | Passage Complete

    Heavy Pedal jumps into the complete bike game with the “Passage“.  It’s triple triangle, 6061 Aluminum, tig welded, carbon fork and has some nice entry level...

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    44rn | All Camo Everything

    Be still my heart, Aarn has released a limited edition Camo 44rn chainring. These are gonna go fast, so be sure to swoop. I just...

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    NVAYRK X Chrisolux | Reflective Tee

    Another sweet reflective tee from NVAYRK, this time they teamed up with Chrisolux. Swoop here.   We are a creative cycling project based in Brooklyn, New...

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    Monster Track XVI | Edits

    I am super bummed to have missed MT again, life just gets in the way sometimes… But we have edits coming out left and right,...

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    TIG | Heart Throb T-Shirt

    TIG will be releasing this shirt next week. You should get one.

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    NVAYRK X KRAKEN | Reflective Tee

    NVAYRK has teamed up with KRAKEN to produce this sweet reflective tee modeled by Safa.   We are a creative cycling project based in Brooklyn,...